IT Staff Augmentation in Singapore

IT staff augmentation helps businesses like yours in recruiting external IT professionals to increase their team’s capacity and capabilities. Essentially, if you are looking for the best tech talents and IT professionals for your business, our IT staff augmentation services in Singapore will be able to take care of it.

Whether you need short-term support or long-term assistance, our team at 2359 Media knows our way around hiring IT professionals. Leveraging the expertise and resources we have, we will be able to source the best tech talent to help fulfil your business needs regardless of whether it has to do with mobile app development solutionsweb app development services, or more. 2359 Media can help bridge the gap in employee acquisition, so you can have a solid team that will help you achieve the objectives and goals of your project. 


Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation for Singapore Companies


At 2359 Media, we understand the importance of having a strong IT team to support your business operations. With our IT staff augmentation services, your business can gain access to specialised skills and expertise from outsourced talent in Singapore. This can be especially beneficial for short-term projects that require a specific technical skill.


IT staff augmentation offers you the flexibility to quickly scale your IT teams up or down, depending on the projects you take on. This not only helps your business manage your IT resources more efficiently and effectively but also stay competitive in the market and respond quickly to changing business needs.


Relying on staff augmentation services in Singapore can be a more cost-efficient solution for businesses that might not have the time and budget to recruit full-time employees. You can leave the recruitment process to our team, saving you a lot of time to focus on the project.


Having another capable hand on the team reduces the workload of your existing staff. With this, they can focus on core tasks and get the work done.


Recruiting experienced IT professionals in Singapore through IT staff augmentation allows more opportunities for knowledge transfer. This helps you and your staff gain more insight into how to build internal capabilities and boost your overall performance.

Our Staff IT Staff Augmentation Services

Get expert IT professionals for your project with our IT staff augmentation services in Singapore — Intuiteam. 

Intuiteam stands for Intuitive Team of Choice. Simply tell us your requirements, and we will source for the best tech talent to help fulfil your business needs. Whether you need short-term support for a specific project or long-term assistance to augment your team, we have the expertise and resources to help.

Roles We Hire For


Fullstack Engineer

Seek out the expertise of Fullstack Engineers that can help your business in building simple to complex web applications that require both frontend and backend knowledge.


Frontend Engineer

Our team can recruit Frontend Engineers that can work with technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other related tools needed to develop engaging and user-friendly web applications.


Backend Engineer

If you need Backend Engineers to work with developing and maintaining the server side of your web applications, 2359 Media can help. We can help you find professionals that can work with programming languages, are knowledgeable in database management systems, and/or have other technical skills you might need for your project.


Mobile Engineer

We can help you recruit Mobile Engineers that can work with your team in developing mobile applications for various platforms. Find professionals that can work with programming languages and have knowledge of mobile-specific technologies, like UI/UX design and mobile development frameworks. 


UI/UX Designer

Our team can help you hire UI/UX Designers with a great eye for design, knowledge of the different design tools, and can understand user experience principles. Find experts that can help you create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for your websites, web apps, and mobile apps.


Project Manager / Business Analyst

Should you need a Project Manager/Business Analyst with vast experience, we can help you recruit the right professional that will meet your requirements. We can help you go through the hiring pool and find one that will work with you in achieving your project goals, meticulously assessing risks, and providing solutions to improve your processes.


2359 Media offers staff augmentation services to businesses in Singapore that might be facing constraints in staffing and/or hiring or simply looking out for the best tech talents who can take their business to new heights. Our expertise in sourcing IT professionals ensures that we can find the most suited individuals that can work cohesively with your team and are the best fit for your projects. We take care of the entire hiring process from onboarding to offboarding so you can trust us with handling the paperwork. 

When engaging us with staff augmentation services, we take care of the following:

  • Candidate interviews (clients can also be involved in the interview process to ensure the best fit)
  • Onboarding 
  • Work pass matters (e.g. Employment pass for non-Singaporeans)
  • Work equipment (e.g. issuing of laptops)
  • Performance reviews
  • Training and Development (access to our learning materials)
  • Monthly timesheet logging and preparation 
  • Offboarding

Speak to us today if you’re looking to overcome hiring freezes, overworked teams, and tedious paperwork. We will take care of the details while you can focus on your business.