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FOX+ is delivering next-generation entertainment with its actively growing customer base of over 1 million users as it continues to expand into new markets. Facing competition from the likes of Netflix’s launch in Asia, 2359 worked with FOX to launch the initial version within 4 months and have since iteratively enhanced it into a world-class OTT product across the region.


FOX was looking for a way to get an OTT product up and running in a 4-month timeframe that would host Movies, TV Dramas, Documentaries, Sports and Live Channels. With our experience designing and building OTT applications, as well as experience working with the MPX content management system and DRM content, 2359 set out to design, build, test and launch the initial version that allowed TV-Provider customers to browse and watch content on their mobile devices and browsers.


2359 worked with FOX to launch the initial version of FOX+ in just 4 months – a video streaming app that allows you to catch the latest shows and movies. We have since iteratively enhanced it into a world-class OTT product that boasts millions of users across 5 countries. After the success of the POC launch, FOX and 2359 doubled down with an aggressive product roadmap aimed at building FOX+ into a fully-fledged OTT application with a host of new features and platforms targeting users in the Asia Pacific region. To meet their needs, 2359 significantly expanded the dedicated engineering and QA teams for FOX.


With the rise of mobile usage around the world, we’ve built FOX+ to be accessible through TV, Web and mobile devices. The FOX+ App on mobile devices is as beautiful as it is on a big screen. The experience has been custom fit for a mobile viewing of more than 11,000 hours of programming across multiple genres of content. While you could stream the latest TV series exclusively or even on the same day, straight from the U.S on a web browser, we’ve built the app for FOX+ subscribers to get an even more immersive experience within the app itself.

Since the beginning of this project, 2359 has worked with FOX’s product team to introduce a host of new features, including multi-profiles, watch history, favourites, search, offline downloads and playback, EPGs, free trials, in-app-purchases and more. Today, the product boasts millions of users across 5 countries and continues to have a healthy growth rate.