Top 5 Figma Plugins That Make Our Lives Easier

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Figma is a popular design tool used around the world for prototyping and designing user interfaces. Here at 2359, the design team uses Figma on a daily basis for their UI/UX work, allowing them to create beautiful designs and also complex user flows. Plugins in Figma can help tremendously and our designers use a select few regularly to speed up their design process and be more efficient in their work.

Here are 5 Figma plugins recommended personally by the 2359 design team.

1. Iconify – Our top pick

Finding icons of different stroke weights is one of the worst feelings when designing. Iconify has more than 100 open source icon sets for us to choose from, allowing us to easily find and use icons that can be used cohesively. The best part is that they are completely free and customisable.

2. Unsplash

This popular plugin allows us to use images freely for both commercial and personal projects from stock photography platform Unsplash. With over 3 million curated images, Unsplash allows us to find and use images that we need for almost any instance.

3. Redlines

The Redlines plugin can be used to annotate measurements to ensure clear and precise documentation of design systems. Annotations can get tedious but we love how easy and quick it is to use Redlines.

4. Contrast

We design with accessibility in mind, and Contrast helps us do quick checks of the contrast ratios of the colours we use. The plugin also is able to do a thorough scan to ensure that our contrast ratios do not fall below the standard.

5. Icons8 Background Remover

Ever needed to remove the background of an image while working on Figma but do not want to switch to another app? Icons8 background remover is a personal favourite, which has been very helpful in removing backgrounds cleanly.

The 5 Figma plugins mentioned above do not require creating accounts and are free!

Bonus tip: Hit “Shift + i” to open Figma plugins panel

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