How 2359 Media Keeps Its Spaces Productive in the Future of Work

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With many companies adapting a hybrid work model in the new normal, how do we keep our spaces inviting and productive for employees?

With the COVID-19 pandemic finally showing signs of easing, we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel. And as the world embraces a new normal, more companies are shifting or have already shifted to new ways of working such as allowing for complete remote work, or adapting hybrid work arrangements. In Singapore, six out of ten firms reported that they will be retaining their current hybrid work arrangement, citing improved well-being for their employees.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few years, 2359 has adapted a hybrid working model, allowing our employees to work completely remotely or return to the office when needed. This helped our employees to keep themselves safe from the effects of COVID-19 and also enjoy greater flexibility in their work. But as restrictions ease further, there is a need to once again relook the way we work and how to continue to increase our productivity and improve employee well-being.

As we look towards the future of work, 2359 has opted to move ahead with a hybrid work model for employees, allowing staff to work from home and also giving them the flexibility on certain days on which they would like to return to the office. There are many benefits to hybrid working. Employees around the world reportedly feel happier when they have the option to work either remotely or in the office as they have greater autonomy over their working environment and also have a better work-life balance. The model also has shown to help improve the mental health of employees by eliminating certain stressors such as long daily commutes.

2359 believes in balancing both employees’ needs and work productivity, thus requiring employees to return to office on days where team meetings are held but otherwise are free to choose any other day to work onsite or not. So as we return to the office, the need to create a productive environment is ever more important in order to keep up with the changing times and evolving needs of our employees. Here are some of the ways in which we have adapted our office environment into a more inviting and productive space.


Spaces for Collaboration

We have dedicated spaces for brainstorming and meetings but rather than stick to the traditional boardroom style meeting rooms, we also have rooms with different environments and layouts for a change in atmosphere.



Using furniture such as sofas and coffee tables helps to create a more relaxed environment which can improve creativity, allowing for better brainstorming sessions!

Natural Light and Scenery

Natural light is important when it comes to employee well-being. In a Workplace Wellness Study by View, nearly 40% of respondents felt that companies should provide access to views of the outdoors and 1 in 3 call out access to comfortable light as important to their daily health.



Some times we catch rainbows too!

The 2359 office allows for plenty of natural light into the office with its large windows. And thanks to our location, we also have views of lush greenery within the central business district of Singapore.

Well Stocked Pantry

Having access to food makes employees feel like they’re cared for and so we always ensure that our pantry is fully stocked with options for both guilty pleasures and healthy snacks so that there are choices for everyone.



Spaces for Play and Breaks

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We understand the importance of taking breaks when needed and so we have a few options when people need to unwind. Our break room is fully furnished with comfortable furniture for casual lounging and even for people to play a game or two when they need to take their mind of work.



Here at 2359 Media, we take pride in our flexibility and offering what’s best for our employees. When creating a shared space, we also take into consideration the collective needs of everybody, and this means engaging employees on what they would like to see in the office while making sure that everyone is able to carry out their work effectively. If you’d like to join us in the future of work, send your CV to today!

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