Designing Items on Metaverse In Just 5 Minutes

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Let’s create items on Zepeto for free without the use of Photoshop

Invitation to Metaverse 

You might have heard that the Metaverse changes the way you live. The news has been focusing on the Metaverse lately and even Facebook rebranded themselves to Meta.

In the beginning, the Metaverse looked like nothing more than the games we have been playing. But it is now a serious world within the digital economy. The virtual world of Zepeto is now worth more than $1 billion, according to a Wall Street Journal report issued on 30th Nov 2021.

Metaverse platforms connect people all over the world virtually and can be accessed via mobile or desktop devices. In traditional online games, the production of game items and content was not something users could do. Now however, people can freely create a diverse range of their own items and even make money on metaverse. According to Zepeto, it already has 1.5 million studio creators and 50 million studio item sales. –

It sounds challenging to create and sell items on Metaverse. However, anyone can become a designer on Metaverse and it is incredibly easy. This article guides you on how to create items on Zepeto for free without using professional editing software like Photoshop. –

Step 1: Choose a type of Item 

Before we start, you should sign up and create an account with Zepeto. Once you log in, you can go to Zepeto studio and get started.

After you log in, you can see the <Get started> button on the main screen. Today, we are going to create items so you can click <Items>

Next, select the type of items you want to create from the list on the screen.

Once you select your item, you can download the template of the item on the template editor page. 

Step 2: Source for a pattern

Visit a community where people share copyright-free images. I used Pixabay here and found a colourful image using the keyword “pattern”.

Before you download, please make sure the image is 1) free for commercial use and 2) does not require attribution. Now you have everything you need to make an item for the Metaverse!

Step 3: Edit a Template

The next step is to use a free photo editor such as Pixlr. Select a photo editing project and click <open image> to upload the PSD file you just downloaded from the template editor page on Zepeto. 

Once you open the PSD file, you will see a template of the item. It looks complicated but the only thing we need to do is drag and drop the image we downloaded from Pixabay. 

You will see this Open Image popup once you drag the image on the screen. Click <Add Current>

Move the layer of the image under UV to hide occlusion and Guide_Line layers.

Done! Let’s save the file in .png file format from File > Save

Step 4: Upload a template 

Let’s come back to Zepeto studio. On the template edit site where you downloaded the template, you can see the Upload button as well. Click it and upload the PNG file you created on Pixlr.

Now, you can see the preview of the Zepeto on the left wearing the item you selected with the pattern! You can also rotate the avatar around in the preview section to see a 360-degree view.

Click the OK button located on the top right to go to the item description section.

Now you can set its name, tags and price and submit it for review. Once it’s approved, you can then see the item you created on Zepeto!

Wrapping Up

In this post, we learned how to create items on Zepeto using copyright-free images but there are many more ways you can express yourself through creations in the Metaverse! Even your drawings or paintings can be used. 

To get to a point where you are comfortable with creating your own artwork, you can try leveling up by learning the fundamental principles of design including emphasis, balance and alignment, contrast, proportion and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read our tips on creating items on Metaverse. If you know someone who would find this post helpful or inspiring, do share our Medium and Instagram (@2359media) posts to them!

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