A Day in the Life of an Intuiteam Software Engineer — Caspian Ng

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At 2395 Media, we offer different opportunities for our talents to work on different projects. One such opportunity comes through Intuiteam, our manpower augmentation business arm. Curious about what the Intuiteam experience is like? Follow Caspian Ng, a Software Engineer currently working in GovTech’s Crowdtask team as he brings us about his day.

10:00am It’s one of the days where I head to the GovTech Hive office! We currently follow a hybrid arrangement so I come to the GovTech Hive office once every two weeks to meet up with my teammates, work on tasks together, and also attend some meetings. Usually I will start off the day by finding a nice spot with a nice view for work. Then, I will meet my teammates for a short catchup as we only gather once every two weeks. After that, it’s time to begin work.

11:00am If there are meetings for the day, we usually have them within the mornings. If not, we use the time to conduct some sessions for product strategy.

11:30am Once the meetings are over, I start looking at the things that need to be done for the day. For an upcoming release, I am in charge of the gamification of a citizen survey to encourage users to do the survey. So, I had to create a backend system to send vouchers to users once they have completed a certain number of surveys. As part of that process, we also included a levelling system for citizens to earn more vouchers if they level up! Another exciting feature that I worked on is distributing surveys based on user demographics. For example, distributing surveys to males only.

12:0pm It’s lunch time! Since we rarely gather together in the office, having lunch as a team is a must! One of our usual spots for lunch is Timbre+ nearby (the zi char there is really good!) Some days, we also take the time to grab some bubbletea.

1:00pm Lunch is over and we’re back in the office! But before we start work we get some game time in and play some foosball or even table tennis with each other so that we’re charged up for the rest of the day.

1:30pm It’s time to get back to work! We officially start the sprint ceremony at this time and this begins with a sprint review with the Director and also the Product Lead Manager. During the process, the engineers will usually demo the features that they have completed and the Director and Product Lead Manager will then provide some feedback on it.

2:30pm After the sprint review, we will proceed to retro, a segment of sprint ceremonies where we bring up areas of improvement for the product/project and also celebrate small wins (e.g. deployment of product to the public)

4:00pm It’s the end of sprint ceremonies for the day. After this, the engineers will usually take a short break before looking into the upcoming features that need to be worked on and bugs that need to be fixed. Till the end of the day, we work on sprint planning for the following day and also on other tasks.

6:00pm It’s the end of the work day! I pack up my things and head home, and take time to unwind and recharge before starting a new day of work tomorrow.

And that’s a day in the life of an Intuiteam Software Engineer! Interested in undertaking exciting opportunities and embarking on new experiences with 2359 Media? Email your CV to us at talent@2359media.com today!

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