A Day in the Life of a 2359 UIUX Designer

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Welcome to another edition in our Day in the Life series where we follow some of our 2359 colleagues as they go about their day. Today’s spotlight is on Jeric Tan, a UIUX Designer at 2359. As a UIUX Designer, Jeric is responsible for making sure our client projects look and feel amazing and that each user has the smoothest possible journey while using any app or product. But more than that, Jeric has also been tasked with other responsibilities that are important to the rest of 2359! Curious? Read more about his day to find out what exactly it is!

8:00am The alarm goes off and it’s time to rise and shine! On a typical Thursday I need to head into the office to attend a few meetings so it’s time to prepare for the busy day ahead.

9:00am Once I’m all prepped, I start to make my way to the office. I usually get breakfast along the way from Toast Box and their tea and toast is just perfect for a morning meal.

10:00am Once I’m settled at my workspace, I kick off the work day with my first meeting which is a stand-up meeting for one of the projects I’m working on. During the stand-up, I sync up with everyone involved in the project such as software engineers, project managers, QA (quality assurance) engineers, and even stakeholders from other organisations who contribute to the project in different areas. My role is to update on the design portions for the project including the work done, and also the progress of upcoming tasks.

11:00am After the meeting, I catch up on a few small tasks that I can complete right before lunch. Since my day is going to be quite busy with a few meetings, I need to focus on completing whatever work I can.

11.45am Lunch in the CBD can be intense, so for my colleagues and I who are in the office, we leave to get lunch a little earlier before the peak hours. Any later and we just might get stuck in the long queues. Options are plenty around the office. Some times I get some fast food like Mos Burger, or I might choose economical rice from the stalls right below my office if I just want something quick and convenient.

12.00pm Lunch is the time where I just catch up with my colleagues and talk about things other than work. We have a few colleagues from other countries such as Vietnam and India so lunch is also a great time to learn more about their culture like what are the foods they eat! Talking about food, I also take stock of what snacks should be added to the pantry since I’ve been designated as the person-in-charge of placing pantry orders. Milo is always a popular request from most people, and I try to balance out the pantry with some healthy snacks too.

1.00pm After lunch, I get back to my main task for the day. I’m currently working on a project with the government agency and for the current phase I’ve been completing user stories and also creating additional screens and components. To ensure that all my designs are also able to be implemented from a technical standpoint, I work frequently with the front-end software engineer on the same project.

2:00pm It’s time to pause my work for a while as I attend my second meeting for the day. Each Thursday the design team has our weekly design sync and we use the meeting to update each other on our individual projects, get feedback, or even ask for help on certain tasks if needed. On some weeks, we also put in additional time for a design sharing session and each designer takes turns to present on a topic of their choosing e.g. Figma tips, or even UX research methodologies.

3:00pm Now that in-person meetings are allowed, I occasionally head to some of our clients’ offices for meetings to better understand project requirements and collaborate more closely with them. Today I am conducting usability testing so having an onsite meeting is perfectly suited for this. This is also a good time to update the clients on the project’s progress and answer any questions that they may have.

4:30pm Once the meeting is over, I head back to the office to do up a little more work, especially on the items I need to follow up on from the meeting earlier. Being in the office is also great for having ad hoc meetings with fellow project team mates to clear up any questions.

6.30pm And it’s the end of the work day, so I pack up and head home. I may spend the evening relaxing with a hobby, catching up with friends and family, or continue to work on some personal projects.

And that’s the day in the life of a UIUX Designer in 2359!

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