A Brief Guide to Mobile App Development Solutions

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As the name suggests, mobile applications or mobile apps are software applications made to run on a mobile device. Rather than using computers or laptops to access online services, mobile apps have become a more convenient alternative for it. Additionally, they have become an innovative solution for many companies and consumers to interact easily in this digital age.

Want to learn more about mobile app development? If so, here’s our brief guide on mobile apps and factors to consider in their development.

Why Are Mobile Apps Important Today?

Mobile apps play a key role in our day-to-day life. We use it for entertainment, communication, education, and more. At the same time, it has revolutionised how businesses operate, providing a tool for engagement and convenient transactions. As such, if your business in Singapore can benefit from mobile app development, then you should consider having one to meet the demands of your market.

What Your Company Needs to Consider When Creating a Mobile App

Before getting into mobile app development, you must first consider the following factors:

1. Define Your Target Audience

You need to know your mobile app’s target audience and potential users in the planning stages. The future of your application depends on these users as they play a critical role in mobile app development and its expansion in the future. Have a specific profile of your target audience and determine how your mobile app can be a solution to their problem.

2. Know the Cost & Set a Budget

Like any business project, you must consider the overall cost, from the tools to the labour. Mobile app development requires advanced tools to help you build the product. You may even consider IT staff augmentation to recruit the best tech talents to aid in your set up. While this may increase your costs, it can also mean a smooth set up process that saves you time and money in the long run and can be worth the investment. When budgeting, it’s important to decide the components that are important to you.

3. Platform

Before any mobile app development occurs, your business needs to consider whether the app should provide services to Android users, iPhone users, or both. Though Android  (77.27%) has a huge market share in Singapore compared to iOS (22.08%), as per Statista,  you must determine whether creating a mobile app for one of them or both is feasible and can give you the results you want. Deciding on the right platform will also depend on your brand, service features, and pricing strategy if your plan to create a paid application.

4. The End-User Experience

The user experience is the core of any mobile app. That’s why you must create a great user experience during the development stages to have more people using your app in the long run. To create a good user experience, consider the usability and usefulness of the mobile app. Make sure it gives your target audience what they need and consistently functions fast and optimally when they use it. Your mobile app should also have a user interface (UI) that’s easy for your target audience to navigate. If you need help with this, you can always partner with a good UI/UX agency in Singapore.

5. The Scalability of Your App

Once you are able to get your target audience to use the app, you also need to be able to scale and maintain it in the long run. Your mobile app should have a good project structure and a reliable tech stack. That way, your app can keep up with the volume of people that will potentially use it. Know that maintenance is also part of a good user experience.

Partner with 2359 Media to Create Your Mobile App

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